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Sacramento Vocal Lessons

The San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater (SFCMT) is an exciting opportunity to sing, dance and act, while taking part in live theater, and meet new friends.

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Now, Sacramento kids, teens and youth ages 5-18 can step into the limelight while learning teamwork, discipline, and creativity. The San Francisco Children’s Musical Theater helps kids from the Bay Area, and beyond to participate in our colorful, fun and professional theater productions.

Whether singing and dancing in a multimedia musical revue or a musical theater production, appearing in an original feature film on the silver screen, or recording a song in a professional sound studio, SCMT participants and families enjoy a unique experience with big production value for a limited time commitment.

Unlike most productions that offer a handful of parts with leading characters, our one of a kind shows are custom created for each cast, allowing us to give everyone opportunities for singing, speaking and dancing roles.

Local Sacramento youth each get a chance to shine in our colorful and elaborate shows. Our convenient 6-10 week programs with one rehearsal per week, makes participation in SCMT productions fun and easy for busy Sacramento families.